Prof. S. Krishnaiah
M.E., Ph.D.

J.N.T.University Anantapur


M.A., MBA., Ph.D.

Officer In-charge
Department of Management
The Department of Management, JNTUA is the FIRST and ONLY University Department established after formation of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantatapur, Anantapur by the Act 30 of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in 2008.

Being the University Department it is under the control of The Registrar, JNTUA directly.  The Registrar is the Ex-officio Head of the Institution.

rof. S. Krishnaiah, Registrar of JNTUA is Head of the Institution.

Message of Registrar, JNTUA:
As the Management Education is becoming vital in the industry, the University started Department of Management to produce 'Future Managers' for INDIAN Incorp., and for MNCs.  At Department of Management, presently MBA course is being offered.  In near future it is planned to become leaders in Technology Management.  Need of the Hour is to introduce programs like Project Management, Construction Management, Power Management, Energy Management, Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Communications Management, Systems Management, Process Management etc.,  I hope the growth pace of the department definitely paves a way to emerge as leader in the Management Education.

Prof.M.L.S.DEVA KUMAR, Professor was the Founder Officer Incharge of MBA.  The department was established and carved a niche under his leadership with corporate culture, unique activities.
To continue the growth further Dr. B.Chandra Mohana Reddy has been appointed as Officer Incharge of MBA to further enhance the growth of the department and to execute all the day to day academic and administrative works.

Message of Officer In-charge of MBA Program:

In today’s changing world, opportunities have become inseparably linked with advances in Management and IT. In our endeavor to future proof the businesses of our students, we at JNTUA MBA  have identified several key areas that are rapidly increasing in influence, and present great scope for IT-led innovations – Digital consumers; Emerging economies; Sustainable tomorrow; Smarter organizations; New commerce; Pervasive computing; and Healthcare economy. We believe that realizing the full potential of these drivers is important for tomorrow’s enterprise to forge ahead of its competition.

We have a large community of educators across our country and many of them are engaged in observing, learning and experimenting to understand the process of learning better. There are various pedagogical methods employed by faculty that motivate children to be active participants in the classroom. It is being seen and discovered that students have a natural inclination towards learning and it is possible to encourage this to make the classroom an interesting and engaging place. It is imperative that faculty across the country learn from these experiences.

There is a lot of research and various studies that give new perspectives to education. There is work being done towards getting deeper insight into the way the student learns. Various organisations employ results of research to create tools and resources to be used in classrooms. It is important for faculty to have access to this information and a medium to translate these generalities to the practical and usable.