Teaching Faculty of the Department

Name of the Faculty: Dr. M.L.S.Deva Kumar

Designation : Professor & OFFICER INCHARGE OF MBA, J.N.T.U.A.Anantapuramu


Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Department : Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Qualifications : B.Tech., M.B.A., M.Tech., Ph.D.,

Experience : Industry 2 years at Navabharath Ferro Alloys Ltd., Machine Building Division, Hyderabad.

BASIX an NBFC at Raichur, Karnataka

Teaching since 1999

Research since 2003

Publications : National Conferences: 12

International Conferences: 05

National Journals: 16

International Journals: 26

Monograph : 01

Workshops : 30

Research Area : Thermal, Energy, Management

Other Information:

Presently he is

Officer Incharge of MBA

Hon’ Secretary, Institution of Engineering (India) Ananthapuram Local Centre.

Faculty Advisor, JNTUA ROTARACT

NSS Program Officer

Prior to this he performed duty as :

Vice Principal, JNTUA College of Engineering Anantapur

NSS Program Coordinator, JNTUA

Principal, JNTUA College of Engineering, Pulivendula, YSR Dist.

Member of Standing Committee for Academic Council, JNTUA

Member of NSS Advisory Committee, JNTUA

Chairman, Academic Council, JNTUACEP

Member Secretary, Board of Governors, TEQIP, JNTUACEP

Earlier he served the University in different capacities viz.,

Deputy Warden, JNTUCEA

Officer- incharge of Hostels, JNTUCEA

Officer Incharge of Examination, JNTUCEA

Treasurer, Teachers Association, JNTUCEA

Secretary cum Treasurer, Alumni Association, JNTUCEA

Secretary cum Treasurer, Diamand Jubilee Celebrations, JNTUCEA

Treasurer, Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (MESA), JNTUCEA

First Students Union Co-ordinator, JNTUCE Pulivendula

Chairman, Board of Studies (M.B.A.), JNTUniversity, Anantapur.

Founder Officer Incharge of M.B.A. programme., JNTUniversity,Anantapur.

Faculty Adivisor, Institution of Engineers (India), Anantapur.

J.N.T.U.C.E. Students’ Chapter (Mechanical Engineering) E-515.

Coordinator, Board of Studies (M.B.A.) J.N.T.University Anantapur.

NSS Program Officer, Dept. of Management, JNTUA

Staff Co-ordinator, Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (MESA), JNTUCEA

Advisory Committee Member, Community Development Through Polytechnic, (Sponsored by MHRD Govt. of India), Anantapur

Secretary, Teachers’ Association, JNTUCE, Anantapur

First Co-ordinator, JNTUA News Bulletin, JNTUA

Executive Member of Andhra Pradesh Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (APFUTA) for the tenure of 2013-15.

Chairman, Board of Studies (UG) – Mechanical Engineering, JNTUA

Member, Board of Studies (PG) – Production Engineering, JNTUA

He is member of various professional bodies:

Member of Indian Society of Technical Education – ISTE

Member of Institution of Engineers (India) – IE(I)

Member of Solar Energy Society of India – SESI

Member of Combustion Institute (Indian Section) – CI (I)

He is Editorial Advisory Member for “ITIHAS” The Journal of Indian Management (ISSN: 2249-7803), Published by Newzen Research Publication.

Awards Received:

Received State Best NSS Programme Co-ordinaotor of University

Received prestigious Indira Gandhi NSS (IGNSS) National Award from the then President of India Shri Prabab Mukharji at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi.

Contact Details: email : devakumar.jntua@gmail.com


Name: Dr.T.Narayana Reddy

Designation: Assosiate Professor

Qualification: M.A(Eco),M.B.A,Ph.D.

Experience : Teaching Research

12Years 6 Years


JOURNALS : International : 25

National : 07

CONFERENCES : International : 08

National : 10

Research Areas : Human Resource Management& Industrial Economics

Stream of Lecturing :

Business Statistics, H.R.M, Industrial Engineering and Management, Management science, Managerial Economics.

Additional Information:

  • Additional controller of examinations
  • Officer Incharge of Deparment of Management
  • NSS Coordinator, JNTUA Ananthapuramu
  • Life Member of Indian Economic Association(IEA)
  • Attended Faculty Development program at UGC Staff College, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.
  • Attended Several National and International Conferences.

Contact Details:

Address: Deparment of Management, JNTUCEA ,Anathapuramu

Mobile: 9885856315,7382720315

Email: tnreddyjntua@gmail.com

Name : Dr. B. C. Lakshmanna

Qualification : BL, MBA, PhD

Designation : Lecturer

Stream of Lecturing :

Business Law, International Business Management & HRM

Work Experience :

22 years of experience in teaching

Books Published :

Published a book "Merchant Banking in India"

Contact details:

E-mail ID : lakshmanbc@gmail.com

Contact no : +91 8341306695


Qualification : M.Com, MBA, Ph.D, (ICWA)

Designation : Lecturer

Research area : Financial services for 6 years

Stream of Lecturing : Finance

Work Experience :

25 years of work experience in teaching

Publications :

JOURNALS: International 10

National 08

CONFERENCES : International 03

National 03

Special events attended :

3 years Article ship under Chartered Accountant

Contact Details:

E-mail ID : basaiah4jntuamba@gmail.com

Contact no: +91 9491156253

Name: Dr.P.Jaya Rami Reddy

Designation: Lecturer

Qualification: M.Com,M.B.A,Ph.D.

Experience : Teaching Research

14Years 3 Years


JOURNALS : National : 06

CONFERENCES : International : 02

National : 03

Research Areas : Human Resource Dimensions for Total Quality Management in Indian Industry

Stream of Lecturing :

Principles of Management, Total Quality Management and Human Resource Management

Contact Details:

Address: Deparment of Management, JNTUA ,Anathapuramu

Mobile: 9440555879

Email: p.jayaramireddi@gmail.com

Name : K. Srilatha

Qualification : MBA ,MA English , (PhD)

Designation : Lecturer

Stream of Lecturing :

Business Environment & Human Resource Management

Work Experience :

10 years of experience in teaching

Additional Duties :

Faculty in-charge of library

AICTE in-charge

In-charge of Department's news letter

Contact Details :

E-mail ID : ksri.latha09@gmail.com

Contact no : +91 9491619728

Name : R. Nagaveni

Qualification : MBA

Designation : Lecturer

Stream of Lecturing :


Work Experience :

5 years of work experience in teaching

Additional Duties :

Faculty in-charge of time table & project

Student Activities in-charge of Fintech

Actively involved in BOS Meetings

Contact Details :

E-mail ID : nagaveni.rp@gmail.com

Contact no : +91 9160854357


Qualification : MBA

Designation : Lecturer

Stream of Lecturing :

Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management

Work Experience :

Teaching : 5 years

Additional Duties :

Faculty in-charge of Examination

Contact Details :

E-mail ID : madhavikondeti18@gmail.com

Contact no : +91 9885525386

Name: Dr. D. Varalakshmi

Qualification : B. Tech, M.Tech, MBA, Ph.D

Designation: Lecturer

Research Area : Human Resource Development- Organisational Development ( 3 years )

Stream of lecturing :

Human resource management, Finance, Marketing

Work experience

Teaching: 9 years

Book published: Sales and Distribution Management

Papers published: International National 07 04

Conferences attended: International National 03 02

Workshops attended : 06

Additional Duties :

Faculty in-charge of National Service Scheme

Faculty in-charge of website development

Faculty in-charge of documentation and magazine

Contact Details :

Email-Id: varalakshmi.jntua@gmail.com

Contact no: 9100147144


Qualification : M Com, MBA, Ph. D

Designation : Lecturer

Research Areas : Risk Management & Role of General Insurance

Stream of lecturing:

Managerial Economics, Marketing Management,

Human Resource Management

Work experience

Teaching: 10 years

Director of "Sree Bhrita Vista Chemicals", kurnool for 10 years

Papers published: National - 03

Conferences attended: National - 04

Contact Details:

E-mail ID: sanjusraj@yahoo.com